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  • DISCOUNTS !!! SPECIAL PRICES +370 610 06899
Car hire in Kaunas, Kaunas airport, Vilnius airport
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    Car hire Autospektras.lt operates a car rental. We can offer you rent the insured, technically sound, full fuel tank of the car. Renting our car without having to pay an administration fee contract, also do not need to pay extra for car insurance and delivery / collection to the city of Kaunas and Karmėlava air uostą.Kitos autospektras.lt services:
    GPS rental; Car hire in Kaunas
    Other products & services; Car hire in Kaunas
    Rent-wheel circuit. Some car rental companies offer a short-term car rental – nearly new cars, minibuses. The short-term car rental – rent is from 1 to 30 days. The short-term car rental in Lithuania is not yet very popular. Of course, it depends on the brand of car. Interestingly, the renting such. car 1-2 days from the date the price is higher, but if the same are renting a car for 15-30 days – the day will cost much pigiau.Kai with a luxury car prices, particularly those offered by international car rental company, is really impressive – for a week to reach 500 euros, so it has to toil in finding where pigiau.Trumpalaikė car rental Lithuania naturalize hard. Some hire companies failed because the country does not have reliable data base on besinuomojančius persons, their financial obligations, and believe expensive cars but who were simply afraid. In order for this service to promote them, it takes time, but investors do not have time to wait. Should be simpler and car registration and tax system. For a short time in the car so far the company has rented more than an isolated population.
    If your goal is to get to the farthest corners of nature, then faster and more convenient to travel by car will be. Because of the more remote places, public transport is running very low and irregular or absent altogether.

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